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Personal Tax

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Our price for submitting a personal income tax return starts at R750 for a basic return with the certificates pulling through on Efiling, i.e. IRP5, Retirement Annuity Contribution, Interest and dividends received and medical aid certificate.

The cost increase with R100 per additional topic to declare, for example, rental income, travel logbook, out of pocket medical expenses, etc.

The price also includes confirmation of your Tax Status on Efiling to ensure you are fully tax compliant, as well as updating your registered details. SARS is getting more serious about updated registered details on Efiling, and failure to notify them of any changes to your details can end you up with a 2-year imprisonment.

Did you know that with President Cyril Ramaphosa signing a new set of tax law amendments promulgated on 20 January 2021, you can end up with 2-year imprisonment for failing to notify SARS of any changes to your details?

Transparency is part of our foundation, and copies of returns submitted, tax assessments received from SARS and a screenshot of tax clearance are provided to you for your peace of mind and future reference.

Should SARS verify your return, an additional R500 is required as a deposit before we can do any work. This is to cover for following up costs to SARS and attending to any additional correspondence received. Once the verification is finalised, the balance of the deposit is refunded to you within 48 hours.

It often happens that with new clients, we found that previous returns were submitted without claiming allowable expenses. In such cases, a late objection may be submitted to SARS, which may be disallowed as objections are to be filed within 30 days after assessment. However, contrary to common belief, our Revenue Services are not all evil and heartless – our experience is that SARS often allow late objections and we have clients that are grateful for the rectification that resulted in a tax refund. Our price for submitting objections is R500 per objection filed.

As a registered tax practitioner, we submit clients tax returns under our own login details with SARS. This ensures that we get notified per SMS and email if SARS issue any correspondence on your return and react to it timeously and effectively.

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Personal Tax



per return

Transparency is part of our foundation therefore copies of all SARS correspondence are provided for your peace of mind.





A Micro Business is classified as a company with a gross income* not exceeding R1 million.





A Small Business is classified as a company with a gross income* not exceeding R14 million.





A Medium to large business with a gross income* exceeding 
R14 million.

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